View of Galway Bay and the Clare Hills/Burren  near our farm in Connemara

-   ABOUT US  -

At Fiáin Farm we are passionate about sustainably harvested wild foods and locally produced fresh organic food. We are hoping to achieve organic status on our own little growing plot shortly. 

Our small team grows from seed or cutting on our one acre farm by the sea in Connemara. We also encourage wild foods to grow by carefully tending to the unique ecosystem of our forested coastal land. 

Un-conventional Agriculture: We use regenerative methods such as no-till, forest gardening, and permaculture to create healthy soils and an abundance of nature's finest foods.

Each product has been cared for harvested and packed by hand. 

We use only 100% compostable packaging.

Our planet. Our future.

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Galway, Ireland

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