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We start our seedlings in late January, so you can be curled up by the fire, safe in the knowledge that your summer garden has already started! 




  • Easier than starting from seed
  • Space saver - no need to try to manage seedlings on your windowsills!
  • Earlier harvest as the plant has more time to mature. Make all your gardening buddies jealous! :)
  • Longer fruiting time - will continue to bear fruit all summer, and up to November depending on weather and growing conditions
  • Quick garden transformation - go from winter mode to spring/summer mode overnight!


Choose from sets of 6 plug plants (typically 6-8cm in height) or from our sets of 3 jumbo plugs (typically 9-15cm in height).


Depending on the weather, we start shipping our plants out from late March/early April 2021.

We'll notify you a week in advance of shipping so you can get your garden ready.


The Amish pasta tomato is an heirloom variety, originally grown in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The large, solid fruits have a balanced blend of sweetness and acidity, making them ideal for salads or pizza toppings, while their texture has made them a traditional favorite for canned sauces. Grown by hand from seed at our eco-farm in Connemara. Choose plug plants to receive 6 baby plants of roughly 8cm in height.Choose a single plant if you would like a more mature plant in and 8cm pot, with height up to 20cm. These varieties have been awarded by ProSpecieRara as a rare or old variety. ProSpecieRara is a foundation dedicated to preserving the diversity of rare plant varieties.

Amish Pasta Tomato - Organic Plants

  • A minimum order of three plants applies for the larger single plants.

    Plug plant sets have no minimum order.


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