Want to keep growing your own food over autumn and winter? Our certified organic Irish plug plants make it easy to grow your own food this winter!


36 plug plants included - like having 6 plug plants for free!



  • Easier than starting from seed
  • Space saver - no need to try to manage seedlings on your windowsills or in your polytunnel
  • Results - plants already pre-grown so quick to establish and give you a crop before hard winter hits and/or ready for winter dormancy with early harvest in Spring
  • Quick garden transformation - go from summer mode to autmn/winter mode overnight!


We will send you a selection of 36 certified organic plug plants, grown in Connemara from our range, including a selection from the following range. Plants will be supplied in sets of six, so you’ll have at least six varieties of six plug plants each.



  • Purple Sprouting Broccoli (W)
  • Radicchio (w)
  • Daikon Radish (A)
  • Rambo Radish (A)
  • Autumn planting Broad Bean (W)
  • Parsnip (W)
  • Kohlrabi (A)



  • Minutina Salad (A, W)
  • Swiss Chard (A, W)
  • Mustard Greens in the Snow (A,W)
  • Moutarde Metis Rouge/Red (A, W)
  • Winter Purslane (W)
  • Kale (A, W)



Some of the above are harvested in autumn before hard winter weather sets in (those marke 'A'' above). Others can be left to over winter for early harvest in Spring. Want to learn more? Read our blog post here. The exact mix of plants is not guaranteed, but what is guaranteed is a lovely mix of colourful veg & salad plants!


If you want to choose your own selection, check out the rest of our Autumn/Winter plug plant range.


Don’t like something on the list?

Let us know using the comment box on the right side of the page and we’ll do our best to accommodate you!


 No polytunnel or greenhouse?

No problem - just let us know and we will send you the hardiest varieties. You can easily protect these from harsh weather with horticultural fleece.

Autumn/Winter Seasonal Pack - 36 Certified Organic Plug Plants

  • Ships from end of August 2020 in time for autumn planting.

    Please place  a separate order for summer plants or for autumn planting garlic & onion sets (which ship in October), so that your items can be shipped on time separately.

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