Grow Your Own Grains! Sow spring barley as early as conditions allow in March.A fine firm seedbed with as little cultivations as possible is required for fast and even germination and good root development.Spring barley is best sown at depth of three to five cm and rolled after sowing in good conditions to ensure soil to seed contact.


Price is per Kg. 

Variety: ADVANCE is a mixture of different barley varieties selected  specifically for organic growers. The varieties in ADVANCE make it more resistant to variable yearly conditions in weather, fertility and field. ADVANCE is suitable to combine dry, to crimp or for wholecrop for animal feed, but is not suitable for barley growing for malting (single varieties are required by the maltster).


Organic ADVANCE Barley Blend:

  • Uses only the best compatible barley varieties available

  • Contains varieties that will ripen at the same time

  • Has less crop disease, giving a better grain sample,

    stronger straw and higher yield

Barley Certified Organic Seeds

  • Sow: March

    Plant: May

    Harvest: Jul - Oct


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