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An heirloom varierty, the red leaves can be used in salads, while the beetroot has a sweet, earthy, nutty flavour! Can also be used as a homemade food dye :) Can be harvested for baby salad leaves in just over a month! In September you can sow them under cover for a harvest of baby beets before the first frost, or outdoors for use as a salad leaf. If the conditions are right and you protect the plants from hard frosts with a deep mulch, you can also be rewarded with full grown beetroot in February/March from a September planting. 

Beetroot Organic Seeds

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  • Sow: April - Sept


    Plant: May - Oct


    Harvest: Year round


    Note: if sowing later in the season, they will grow better in a polytunnel or greenhouse. We've even had them overwinter in an unheated polytunnel during a mild winter, so you may be able to push the boundaries if you live in a coastal location. 

  • Please note these seeds are on sale as they are for the 2024 season with expiry June 2024. This means they may still be viable for germination beyond then but this cannot be guaranteed.

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