We're delighted to bring this Irish-grown certified organic seed potato to the market! Most other organic seed potatoes are imported, and is more important now  than ever to support Irish growers and local businesses. 


High yielding and robust maincrop producing big tubers of an attractive and uniform round oval shape with shallow eyes and yellow skin & flesh. Belmonda stores very well and can handle summer heat and drought. Grow in well draining soil. It is also tolerant of bruising, blackleg and internal rust.

Resistances to PCN Ro 1, 4 & potato wart disease 1.



Belmonda Certified Organic Seed Potatoes

  • When we talk about First Early, Second Early, Maincrop etc we mean the length of time taken for the plant to mature and give a good harvest. If you planted a tuber of each cropping type on the same day, the earlies would be ready first.

    • First Early potatoes are the 'new potatoes' you buy in the supermarket.  Harvest them,  cook and eat them the same day for dinner for an amazing new potato taste. They take 10-12 weeks to mature and do not store for too long. 
    • Second Earlies take around 14-16 weeks to mature.
    • Main Crop  take around 15 – 22 week to mature and can be stored for much longer. 

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