Colleen is a versatile organic seed potato which grows well and is great in the kitchen!  It is made easy to grow by its high resistance to disease and pests.   Colleen is an early bulking variety with waxy flesh and also medium dry matter.   It's great for baking and chips and is a delicious new potato too! FIRST EARLY SEED POTATOPlease note that these will ship in late Dec/earlyJanuary - place order for these separately from items you wish to receive sooner!

Colleen Certified Organic Seed Potatoes

  • When we talk about First Early, Second Early, Maincrop etc we mean the length of time taken for the plant to mature and give a good harvest. If you planted a tuber of each cropping type on the same day, the earlies would be ready first.

    • First Early potatoes are the 'new potatoes' you buy in the supermarket.  Harvest them,  cook and eat them the same day for dinner for an amazing new potato taste. They take 10-12 weeks to mature and do not store for too long. 
    • Second Earlies take around 14-16 weeks to mature.
    • Main Crop  take around 15 – 22 week to mature and can be stored for much longer. 

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