It's hard to be apart during this crazy year. Even separated, we can grow together with this fun seed pack! 

Share the experience over video call - sow at the same time, compare which plants are growing faster and take care of them and each other -  together, apart.


What's included?

  • Two  sets of organic seeds - one for the children, and an identical set for the relative or friend (e.g. auntie, uncle, godparent).

Organic Salad Seeds x 2

Organic Pea Seeds x 2

Organic Beetroot Seeds x 2

  • 6 x plastic-free reusable compostable pots - three in each set
  • 12 x wooden plant labels - six in each set
  • 6 x detailed growing guides - three in each set
  • Activity ideas to do with children


How does it work?

  • Enter the name, address and eircode of the children below
  • Enter the name, address and eircode of the  relative/friend below
  • Each pack will be sent to a separate address!



Seeds may be subsituted for other varieties of organic seeds depending on stock levels.



Growing Together Kit

    Where can it be shipped to?
    We can ship the packs anywhere on the island of Ireland. This includes Northern Ireland.
    Where can’t it be shipped to?
    Unfortunately we cannot ship the packs to mainland Britain (England, Scotland, Wales) or to any other destinations worldwide. We can however ship all packs to you, and you send it on to your loved ones. Please note however that destinations outside of Europe may have their own strict biosecurity laws about what seeds can enter their country, so you will need to check these laws before you send seeds to your loved ones overseas. Sending onto anywhere in Europe should be fine.
    It’s a present, can I get it all shipped to the one address?
    Yes, that’s fine, we will happily ship it all to the one address, just note this when you order.
    Will my delivery be tracked?
    Yes, we are using An Post tracking for all orders. We can provide tracking numbers on request once you have received a shipping notification.
    Will the packs arrive at exactly the same time for the different recipients?
    Our packs are sent with An Post. We cannot guarantee that the packs arrive at exactly the same time to each destination. So if you need to let loved ones know that it’s on the way, do so when you receive the shipping confirmation.
    How quickly will it arrive?
    Typical An Post delivery times are 24-48 hours but with the unusually high level of online shopping this year, we can expect that shipping may take a week or more.
    By what date will it be dispatched?
    We aim to dispatch all orders as quickly as possible. However we are a very small family run business so please be patient as we pack all your orders by hand ourselves!
    Can I collect my order?
    Unfortunately we are an online only business, and are not set up for collection. If there is somewhere around Spiddal village that we can leave it for you to collect, just let us know when you place your order. 
    Will my order be personalised?
    Unfortunately due to high demand we cannot personalise orders.  
    Will a note be included from me?
    We do include a note which explains that the pack is for growing with loved ones, and was chosen for them by someone who loves them. Unfortunately we don’t have the resources to  add to each order who it was from. If you are having it sent directly to your loved ones as a surprise, do let them know that something from you for them is on the way once you receive the shipping confirmation.
    Is soil/coco coir included with the packs?
    Unfortunately certified organic coco coir disks are not readily available and so are not included in the pack. You can purchase certified organic compost from us to include with your order. Or use any compost or soil you already have available to you.
    Can I order other items at the same time?
    Yes you can order other items at the same time. However please note that our plant packs will be dispatched from May.