Grow Your Own Grains! Back in the 1800's, oats was Irelands most widely grown crop. We lost the habit of growing oats, now is the time to get it back! It's best to start them as early in the season as possible as they need cool weather to germinate and perform at their best. Sow  in early spring for a summer harvest. Or sow in late summer to grow as a green manure,  as a companion crop for slower-growing legumes.
Variety: Barra, Irish Spring Oats, more golden than other oat varieties. Preferred variety of Flahavans!
Oats can  be grown as animal fodder for chickens, rabbits, sheep, horses & goats.  Oats also can be grown as a spring green manure to increase soil organic matter. (They can be used in granola, baked goods or as oatmeal but you will need to hull them before cooking.) 
Oats are easy to grow as they are well suited to the Irish climate. They actually prefer less fertile soils so are perfect for marginal land. Rotation means you should only grow oats in the same spot every three years or so. 
Price is per Kg of Oats. A Kg of Oats will cover a n area  of approx 2x5 metres.

Oats Certified Organic Seeds

  • Sow: March

    Plant: May

    Harvest: Jul - Oct


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