So easy to grow - just push under the soil and you're done!

Can be grown in pots/containers too!


Plenty for cooking healthy meals from the garden all year long!


Troy variety


Ideally plant between October and December, but you can get away with sowing as late as February! Harvest as scallions or leave to mature into full onions by May/June.


What are onion sets? They are onion seeds that have been pre-grown to a mini bulb size and stored in special conditions.


Why use onion sets?

Onion sets allow quicker and easier results than planting from seed. Because they are pre-grown they establish more quickly. You'll also be able to harvest them earlier next year than onions grown from seed.


What are the different sizes?

10/22mm refers to the onion set size range - these tend to be smaller onion sets, but you get more for the same price!

22/26mm have been pre/grown to a larger size before being prepared as sets - these will grow to maturity more quickly, saving time and giving better results, but cost a little more per set!



Organic Onion Sets (Autumn Planting)