Start growing at home with this seasonal mix of lovely tomato, vegetable and salad  plants to begin your sustainable journey! What's Included?Set of 36 certified organic plug plants for less than the price of 28 plug plants - like getting 8 plants free! Contents vary per the seasons but at this time (end July/start August) may include: 		Salad - Rainbow Chard, Rocket, Moutarde or Minutina 	Veg - Peas, Runner Beans or Salad Onions         Herbs - Coriander         Edible Flowers - Cornflower,  Zinnia       Tomato Plants - Cherry, Dwarf Champion Please note that contents will vary depending on seasonal availability, but you can be guaranteed a lovely mix of plants and colours!

Seasonal Garden Starter Pack - 36 Certified Organic Plug Plants


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