What is the 'Garden Guru' service?

New to growing your own food or edible flowers? While our certified organic plug plants and online grow guides make it easy, all our customers also have FREE access to our 'Gardening Guru' service! Once you purchase a product from us, you can ask as much advice as you'd like on how to grow that product - whether by phone, social media message or email. 

What are Plug Plants?

We provide you with certified organic  baby plants, delivered to your door.

You plant them in your garden or in pots

Care for your plants, with our expert guidance & support

Harvest & enjoy your affordable, healthy & delicious, homegrown healthy food!

Plug plants are young plants raised in small, individual cells, ready to be transplanted into containers or a garden. Each plant is typically 8cm or less in height. 

Advantages of Plug Plants


  • Great for less experienced gardeners as don't have to raise from seed

  • Can improve yields: a healthy, stocky plant will grow rapidly and symmetrically when planted out, with a potentially greater capacity to withstand pests, disease and drought

  • Can be used to catch up, if you've missed the 'sowing window'

  • Can quickly replace a failed crop

  • Can be planted easily between other plants (intercrop/companion planting) 


  • Perfect for those with small spaces

  • No need for a greenhouse/polytunnel to germinate seeds

  • Try new varieties without buying lots of seed packets


  • No need to 'thin' plants out

  • As plug plants grow rapidly, reduced need to weed

Please note that as we garden organically, there may be an occasional nibble mark on your plug plant - this does not affect their growth, and may even improve their nutritional value by producing a defence response within the plant!

How are the plants delivered?

If you order by Saturday of this week, plug plants are dispatched at the beginning of the following week (e.g. Monday/Tuesday). This is to minimise the chances of your baby plants spending a weekend in a courier warehouse or van!

We use  An Post for delivery as the most reliable service at the moment to deliver plants on time and without damage.  Their next working day delivery maximises the chances of your plants arriving health & safe - at the moment deliveries are taking 48 hours due to Covid -19 demand but plants arrive unaffected.

We use tracking for all our shipping - should your plants be excessively delayed or damaged we will refund or replace them.

How are the plants packaged?

Your plug plants are protected in recycled plastic modules, and given a big drink of water before their journey to you. We are happy for you to post packaging back to us for reuse - we disinfect before using for the next customer. Or simply pop them in the recycling bin to help them continue their zero waste journey!

Our plants are supplied without pots, or in compostable pots,  to encourage healthy growth, prevent them from becoming root bound, avoid transplant shock and to minimise plastic waste. 

They are grown in certified organic soil from Co. Donegal!

Can I sell my produce as certified organic?

While the plants we provide you with are certified organic, you cannot resell any produce from them as certified organic. This is because you would need to be registered with an organic certifying body in Ireland, and go through conversion periods for your land, inspections and other regulatory steps. However you can eat your harvest safe in the knowledge that it was grown sustainably, and came from proven & inspected organic plants with no hidden chemicals.

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