Plug Plants

'Plug plant' is just a way of saying 'baby plant'! We do the hard work of sowing, germinating and tending fraglie seedlings, then send to you to grow on and harvest!

Organic Vegetables

Certified Organic

Certified organic is the only way to ensure the plants you buy, and later eat, are free from  pesticides and are grown in harmony with nature. 



Growing your own food brings so many advantages - low carbon footprint, amazing taste, wellbeing boost, fun for children and complete control over what you eat!

I want to order a plant gift pack for Christmas. What is included and when will it arrive?

When will I receive it?

Despite the old tradition of Brigid's Day, in reality meteorological (weather/climate) spring in Ireland is March, April and May. We start shipping from late March as this is in time for the growing season, when risk of frost will have started to subside. It's also in line with the seasonality of the plants so they'll be strong and healthy. Baby plants in February and March need a lot of care in Ireland as even if the sun shines, temperatures dip dramatically at night, and frost can suddenly be forecast too!   Hope Blossoms flowers are summer varieties which we started shipping from May to June depending on the weather!

You'll receive a dispatch email  when your order is on the way!

Please note that as we grow organically without the use of harmful chemicals, and in line with the seasons, you may receive plants other than those on the list. 

Can I add to my order?

Yes of course! Just order what you like and add a note to your order so we know to combine it with the gift plant pack. For items like seed potatoes, it's better that they are sent as early as possible so just go ahead and order and we'll get them out to you :)

My gift voucher isn't working?

Just email us at and we'll be happy to process it for you. 

What is the 'Garden Guru' service?

New to growing your own food or edible flowers? While our certified organic plug plants and online grow guides make it easy, all our customers also have FREE access to our 'Gardening Guru' service! Once you purchase a product from us, you can ask as much advice as you'd like on how to grow that product - whether by phone, social media message or email. 

What are Plug Plants?

We provide you with certified organic  baby plants, delivered to your door.

You plant them in your garden or in pots

Care for your plants, with our expert guidance & support

Harvest & enjoy your affordable, healthy & delicious, homegrown healthy food!

Plug plants are young plants raised in small, individual cells, ready to be transplanted into containers or a garden. Each plant is typically 8cm or less in height. 

Advantages of Plug Plants


  • Great for less experienced gardeners as don't have to raise from seed

  • Can improve yields: a healthy, stocky plant will grow rapidly and symmetrically when planted out, with a potentially greater capacity to withstand pests, disease and drought

  • Can be used to catch up, if you've missed the 'sowing window'

  • Can quickly replace a failed crop

  • Can be planted easily between other plants (intercrop/companion planting) 


  • Perfect for those with small spaces

  • No need for a greenhouse/polytunnel to germinate seeds

  • Try new varieties without buying lots of seed packets


  • No need to 'thin' plants out

  • As plug plants grow rapidly, reduced need to weed

Please note that as we garden organically, there may be an occasional nibble mark on your plug plant - this does not affect their growth, and may even improve their nutritional value by producing a defence response within the plant!

How/where do you deliver?

Ireland/Northern Ireland: We deliver across the island of Ireland with An Post. We use Fastway for compost orders and couriers for pallet/ton bag deliveries. 

UK Mainland: Not possible due to Brexit. 

Europe Mainland: Possible for seeds but not plants, reach out to for more details.

All Other Countries: Not possible at this time.

***Please note that postal services are extremely busy at this time, and that orders may be delayed. ***

How are the plants packaged?

Your plug plants are protected in recycled plastic modules, and given a big drink of water before their journey to you. We are happy for you to post packaging back to us for reuse - we disinfect before using for the next customer. Or simply pop them in the recycling bin to help them continue their zero waste journey!

Our plants are supplied without pots, or in compostable pots,  to encourage healthy growth, prevent them from becoming root bound, avoid transplant shock and to minimise plastic waste. 

They are grown in certified organic soil from Co. Donegal!


Will autumn-winter plants survive? Can they be grown outside or in polytunnel?

Our seasonal selection includes a mix of plants which will prefer the autumn and produce then (e.g. mustard greens), others which will continue during winter (e.g. curly red kale), and those that you plant out now to give you a lovely spring harvest e.g. cabbage, cauliflower, broad bean. They can be grown outdoors or in a polytunnel and will benefit from a bit of fleece protection when winter hits.

Why should I place a separate preorder for onion sets, garlic bulbs & seed potatoes?

Because we want your plants to be naturally strong and healthy, we don't treat our plants with any chemicals or heat to speed up or slow down their growth. This means they mature at different rates and so we provide a rough date for dispatch of mixed pack plants. Plants which are shown as 'Available Now' can be dispatched right away if ordered separately. Also you may ant to start your seeds sooner than onion sets, garlic bulbs & seed potatoes are available.

  • Winter seed potatoes are available to pre order from early August and dispatched from mid-August , and with some care will give you a harvest for late December.

  • Organic onions and garlic sets are available for preorder during August and shipping starts from mid September. You can preorder these together, but should order other items separately if you want them sooner.

  • Spring seed potatoes are available for pre-order from December each year and are typically dispatched from January for planting in Spring.

Earliest orders ship first so get your order in as soon as you can!

Can I sell my produce as certified organic?

While the plants we provide you with are certified organic, you cannot resell any produce from them as certified organic. This is because you would need to be registered with an organic certifying body in Ireland, and go through conversion periods for your land, inspections and other regulatory steps. However you can eat your harvest safe in the knowledge that it was grown sustainably, and came from proven & inspected organic plants with no hidden chemicals.