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How to Grow Cucumbers
3 Easy Steps to Success!

Image by Louis Hansel

Sow: March - April
Plant: June - July
Harvest: July -  Oct

Image by Kelly Neil


Cucumber, an essential summer vegetable. This easy to grow plant give you veg full of vitamins and is a great way to keep hydrated with a youthful glow! 


  • Cucumbers are normally sown inside in March or April.

  • Cucumber plants love heat which makes greenhouses and polytunnels an ideal final growing site. The plant can also be grown on a sunny windowsill. 

  • Cucumber loves fertile soil so it’s a good idea to add some fresh compost to the soil two weeks before sowing.

  • Sow the seeds 1cm-2cm deep in small 5cm pots filled with peat-free, multi-purpose compost, upright or on their sides.

  • Sow two cucumber seeds per pot and then water. In 7-10 days, you will see the seeds germinate. 



  • Thin out the weakest seedling from each pot after the seedlings have appeared.

  • After seedlings have produced their first pair of 'true' leaves, transplant them into a 9cm pot. 

  • Water the plant regularly as it favours moist soil. Feed once weekly. 

  • Keep potting up if growing in containers, or plan outside once all risk of frost has passed and warmer weather arrives!

  • You can grow two cucumber plants per square foot, or if growing in pots give them one large 30cm pot each.

  • Cucumbers like being trained up canes, or they can become challenging to control.



  • Usually ready for harvesting 10 weeks after sowing. 

  • You will know it’s ready to be harvested when it’s green, shiny, and firm.

  • Cut the cucumber off, do not pull as you will damage the plant.

  • Harvest it in the morning time and remember the more you pick the more cucumbers that will be produced! 

  • Each vine can produce up to 50 fruits in just one season.

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