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How to Grow Parsley

3 Easy Steps to Success!

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Sow: May-September

Plant: April-October

Harvest: January-December


A must have foodies! Select the right spot, and you can overwinter parsley. When finished the plant will burst into delicate edible flowers with the same flavour.  Can tolerate temps as low as -6C.



  • Sow in module trays. It can take a month or so to germinate so don’t lose patience. Sow more seeds than you need, as parsley can be difficult to germinate.  If sowing in early autumn, they may require a bit of extra protection/heat to germinate, and might take longer to establish. Can be sown year-round if being kept indoors. 

  • Parsley likes deep soil in a semi-shaded spot. Plant out one parsley seedling per square foot or per good-sized pot. If planting out in autumn choose a site that gets winter sun. For spring-summer plantings ensure it has shade so leaves are not scorched by sun.



  • It doesn’t need much care, but if very hot and dry be sure to water well.   Parsley is biennial – in the first year it gives lots of leaves, in the second year it produces edible flowers and dies.

  • Mulch if possible to keep moist and weed free. Keep an eye out for pests, weeds & disease & use natural methods to treat or prevent. May benefit from fleece protection in very cold snaps.



  • Once established, harvest the leaves year-round, and freeze if using later. 



  • Use the fresh herbs on soups, stews, salads and meat dishes.

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