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How to Grow radish

3 Easy Steps to Success!

Radish Graph.png

Sow: March-September

Plant: April-September

Harvest: May-September



 A mildly spicy radish, usually characterized by fast-growing leaves and round red roots. Great for breaking up compacted soil, leaving it loose and ready for planting other crops in spring.



  • Choose a site or pot with moist but well-drained soil, in full sun to partial shade. Provide shade in summer to avoid the radishes becoming woody.

  • Sow seed 1-2 cm deep with 5-10 cm between plants, or up to 16 plants per square foot, for the best yield.  If you accidentally sow closer than this, simply remove the excess plants and eat the seedlings, which are full of nutrients.



  • Keep soil moist but don’t overwater or it can ‘dilute’ the taste. If left too hot and dry, the root will turn woody and the radish will become very spicy.

  • Mulch if possible to keep moist and weed free. Keep an eye out for pests, weeds & disease & use natural methods to treat or prevent.



  • Rapidly maturing in just 25-30 days. You will see them starting to pop up through the soil when nearly ready. Harvest them before the ground freezes.



  • Can be eaten raw, but very large roots should be cooked and always peel them. Roast, slow cook, juice or stir-fry your harvest!

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