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10 Tips to Prepare Your Garden for a Storm

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

So there’s a big storm forecast - what should you do? Hopefully if you have a Polytunnel, you’ve chosen a sturdy model, and secured it well to the ground by burying the rails and/or cementing the posts. Similarly if you have a proper greenhouse, it should be bolted to the ground. If you have one of the small plastic covered ’greenhouses’ its best to dismantle it and move your plants inside during the storm. You can always put it back together when the storm ends.

Here‘s a short checklist of other things to take care of as a storm approaches!

  1. Close your polytunnel doors. Depending on how strong your door latches are, you might want to upgrade to stronger ones. Or drill a piece of wood across each door to prevent them from flying open as winds swirl. If you have a proper greenhouse or polycarbonate tunnel close the doors and any vents.

  2. If your Polytunnel has a polythene (film like) cover, tape up any tears in your polytunnel, ideally using special polytunnel tape. If stuck and a storm is about to hit you can use normal tape in the short term. You can also tape any gaps where wind could get in. If you have a greenhouse, use clear silicone on joins between glass panels.

  3. Place all hanging baskets on the ground/in a safe place. Move pots into sheltered areas where the wind can’t catch them!

  4. If possible put any delicate pot plants into sheltered spots or in a shed or polytunnel.

  5. Make sure your pots have drainage so plants dont rot during periods of heavy rainfall.

  6. Stake any tall plants or young trees to prevent breaking during the storm.

  7. Depending on the time of year, harvest any fruit or veg which the wind might blow away e.g. Almost ripe apples, tomatoes

  8. Secure any garden furniture! And trampolines…since we now know they’re inherently risky 😂!

  9. Make sure all drains and gutters are clear, to prevent flooding which could contaminate the food you are growing or cause roots to rot.

  10. Check trees for weak branches that might come down in a storm and remove ahead of time if possible. Trim any that are close to your polytunnel or greenhouse if you have one.

And if all else fails - start again !

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