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3 Easy Steps to Manage Polytunnel Heat

How to Handle Polytunnel Heat! Got a polytunnel for the first time and finding it’s too hot to work in now we finally have a proper summer? If it's too hot for you to work in, it's likely too hot for your plants, especially leafy greens like salads which may begin to bolt*

There are three easy steps you can take to cool it down:

1. Water all hard surfaces - tables, floors, shelves

2. Open all doors, vents etc.

3. Provide shade - you can buy shade cloth for this, or upcycle old curtains/fabric. Even strategically placing parasols or large potted plants outside the tunnel to block the sun will help though you may have to move these as the sun tracks across the sky.

If it gets really hot, move any seedlings and potted plants out of the tunnel if you can to reduce heat stress on them.

*Bolt: when your plant starts to produce flower heads and go to see; this usually changes the plant taste and shortens its lifespan.

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