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3 Jobs for the Garden in March!

You might be looking at your garden, like us, thinking - where do I start?! There's so much to do! So we thought we'd talk about the 3 most important garden jobs to take care of this month, to get back on track!

First, check out our top gardening jobs from February, which will help you lay the foundation of a great grow-your-own year!

1. Clean up!

It's s good idea to clean your growing trays and pots. Some people go as far as sterilising them, but even a quick rinse with water will help remove any soil particles or plant matter from last season which might be hiding plant disease or pests. Get plant tags sorted - there's nothing worse than succeeding in growing healthy strong seedlings, and then losing them because you've no idea what they are and so grow them in the wrong conditions!

2. Sow, sow, sow!

While a few seed varieties can be sown earlier, March really kicks off the start of the full sowing season! If you haven't already, get yourself organised by going through your seeds, checking which can be sown this month and ordering any seeds you are missing. If you have access to a sunny windowsill or a greenhouse or polytunnel, sowing under cover will give you faster germination and high chances of success. But don't worry, you can easily make 'cold frames' from old windows and wood, or simply try 'winter sowing' which involves sowing seeds in plastic milk bottles outside! You can always just sow directly outdoors instead for some varieties if all that sounds too complicated!

3. Weed!

Why are we talking about weeding when nothing much is growing yet? Go out and have a good luck at any of your garden beds and we bet you'll find lots of tiny weed seedlings starting to pop up! By spending some time now pulling them up while they are small and easy to pluck out, you'll save hours of back breaking work later in the season! If you haven't already thought of it, start sourcing mulch to put around your seedlings when you plant out - this will smother any other weed seedlings thinking about popping up!

While there is so much more to do, we hope this helps get you up and out in the garden this month!

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