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Four jobs for the Garden in May!

1. Sow you summer crops!

It's finally warm enough to sown French beans, Borlotti Beans, courgette and cucumber!

Sow in deep modules or small pots as these seeds are big and grow quickly!

2. Earth up potatoes

If you sowed potatoes last month, it's time to look at earthing them up now!

This simply means mounding earth around the stem and over the lower leaves, to make a ridge about 15cm high to almost cover the leaves.

This will keep your new potatoes from turning green and help maximise your harvest!

3. Make some supports

If you haven't already put supports in place for your pea plants, quickly put some in place!

Get ready for climbing plants such as climbing beans and runner beans by creating wigwams or other structures.

Be as creative as you like!

4. Look out for pesky bugs!

Carrot root fly, cabbage fly, aphids...there are so many little creatures who are very happy you're growing food for them!

Try to inspect your plants every couple of days so you don't get caught be surprise. Grow companion plants such as borage to confuse them, cover vulnerable crops with netting, encourage beneficial predators like ladybird and remove pests when needed. Make up a garlic water potion and spray liberally!

If you leave wild plants and encourage biodiversity in your garden, you'll find that over time these 'pests' bother you less and less, as nature's own cycle takes hold!

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