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How to fix a broken tomato plant

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Your tomato plant is destroyed 😭

Dont worry! You can fix it!

If the main stem is fine, and you want to salvage a branch that is still partially attached, simply move the branch back into place, and secure the broken area with tape. Stake the branch to keep the weight off. This will allow any tomatoes on that branch to finish ripening.

If the damage is more extensive, follow one of the two steps below to rapidly generate a new plant.

The good news is that tomato plants can rapidly grow new roots. You can help them do this in soil or water, using a broken stem (not the whole plant).

  1. Soil: put the end of the broken stem into moist soil and keep moist, after a couple of weeks new roots should develop and the plant will grow. Grow on a bit or plant straight out into the garden.

  2. Water: place the end of the broken stem into a glass of water. You’ll be able to see the roots develop before your eyes! Then either put in a pot to grow on or transplant directly into garden.

If your plant already had green tomatoes when it broke, harvest these and place beside some ripe bananas in the sun to encourage them to turn red!

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