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How to Grow Potatoes in Bags & Containers!

Hello Little Green Growers! Did that title lure you in? Did you know there is more than one way to grow your potatoes? Not just the traditional sowing potatoes in soil...

But why would I grow potatoes this way?

  • It's actually easier to protect them from the pesky creatures that love to eat them and leave no delicious potatoes for you!

  • It's a great technique if you don't have much space

  • If you want to grow & harvest your own potatoes without too much effort this is the method for you!

So how on earth do I grow potatoes in a bag or a container? I hear you ask, well scroll on down and we will tell you how!

1) Alright first of all...choose your organic seed potatoes ! It's best to buy certified seed potatoes as unlike potatoes from the supermarket they are screened for disease and to give you the best possible harvest.

Now that's sorted, what next?

2) Place your potatoes in an egg carton in a cool, light place (such as a windowsill) to grow buds/sprouts. This is actually called chitting, check out our previous blog post to find out more. Once the buds are 2cm long the potatoes are ready to plant as long as there is no more risk of frost in your area!

3) Fill the container you plan to grow your potatoes in just 1/4 of the way with compost and place 3-5 seed potatoes on top (depending on the size of your container) and then cover over with another layer of compost.

4) Keep a close eye on them! The leaves will grow rapidly. When you see the leaves, each time they reach about 10cm tall covering them again up with new compost.

5) Continue to top up the container with compost until it's full.

6) A very important tip is to remember to water the container. As warm weather approaches, when the compost is dry they can get quite dry if you forget!

7) Next you want to keep an eye out for the potatoes as they will flower and if these develop into fruits.

**DO NOT eat the flowers they're poisonous! **

When the flowers or unopened buds drop, or if the foliage starts to die back, it's time to harvest!

Nothing tastes better than homegrown! Just imagine telling your dinner guests that you grew their meal in a bag or container! Interesting topic for the dinner table don't you think? So what are you waiting for, start growing your own potatoes today!

Happy growing!

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