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What do the different onion set sizes mean?

So people are asking us what’s the difference between our organic onion sets? Hopefully this picture helps explain!

10/22mm refers to the onion set size range - these tend to be smaller onion sets, but you get more for the same price! The picture shows one of the smallest onion sets in this size range. These will take a bit longer to be ready for harvest, and may mature at different rates, since the smallest is half the size of the largest.

22/26mm have been pre/grown to a larger size before being prepared as sets - these will grow to maturity more quickly, saving time and giving better results, but cost a little more ! These are great for smaller gardens where you can afford to invest in better results for the limited space you have. The will also mature more evenly as the size difference between each onion set is small.

Or, if you have a very large garden, buy both and harvest the onions grown from 22/26mm sets earlier than the onions grown from 10/22mm size sets!

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