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5 Seeds to Sow in July in Ireland!

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Finally some sunshine has arrived! Many new growers assume it's too late in the season to grow anything else. But Ireland's climate is so mild in most places right through to November, that there is a still a good window to sow and grow more before winter arrives! Succession sowing is key! Here are our Top 5 Seeds to Sow in July:

Succession sow throughout the month for a continuous supply. If we do get some warm weather minimise the chances of bolting by mulching the ground around the lettuce where you plant it out. Also consider putting it somewhere with partial shade from full summer sun. Look forward to picking your own lettuce for those summer salads and burgers!

Mild crispy lettuce is perfectly complemented by peppery rocket leaves. These last great on summer pizzas, salads, pasta and so much more. Our personal favourite!

Yes -you can still sow carrots in July! Succession sow and harvest when needed. Young carrots harvested earlier will give you baby carrots, or harvest in Autumn (October) for fully grown carrots.

We love growing beetroot as they are quick to grow (as little as 8 weeks) and can be harvested as baby beets or full grown beets. Perfect for veggie burgers or salads!

Spring onions (or scallions) grow quickly in as little as 8 weeks and don't need much care. They don't take up much space either, so interplant them between broccoli, kale, cauliflower, turnips, kohlrabi or other brassicas - they'll also repel some pests for you!

Don't forget check out our growing guides to learn how to grow them!

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