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How to Grow Jerusalem Artichokes - the sunflower spud!

Jerusalem Artichokes mark the start to the spring sowing season - they are very hardy so you can plant out as early as February! It grows up to 3 metres tall with lovely yellow flowers. They grow in any type of soil, so slot them in these challenging parts of your garden where other plants would struggle.

Sow: February to April

Harvest: November to January

Jerusalem artichoke is started from tubers instead of seed. Buy them in March and April from a garden centre or online supplier.

Plant into well-prepared soil, about 10-15 cm deep. Tubers should be 30cm apart. You can also grow them in large tubs filled with organic compost.

Earth them up the same way you would for potatoes when the stems are around 30cm tall. If you want to avoid staking them, you can cut them back to 150cm in height in midsummer to prevent wind damage. In autumn when the leaves turn yellower, cut them right down to 8cm stumps. Cover them with the foliage you have cut off to keep the soil warm so you can easily lift the tubers when you want to harvest them.

You don't need to water them at all, unless there is a severe drought!


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