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Our 5 Favourite Veg Seeds to Sow in February!

Hey Little Green Growers family! We have been getting a lot of questions about what to grow in February...

We can't grow much this time of year especially as it is particularly chilly and dark, but you can get started with some sowing if you are very keen! However you do need to keep the seedlings warm, with plenty of access to light. This could mean having them on a warm bright sunny windowsill or setting yourself up with heat mats and grow lights.

What vegetable seeds can I sow now?

So if you're keen on getting out into your garden again but arent sure what you can grow...look no further, here's our top 5 list!

  1. Tomato: the earlier you start tomato seeds, the longer your harvest will be! Picking sweet, juicy tomatoes off the vine in summer sun is one of life's pleasures! Click here to learn more about growing your own tomatoes. If you don't have the time or space to start from seed now, you can pre-order tomato plants here and let us do the hard work!

  2. Rocket: no garden is complete without a rocket patch! So easy to grow, its lovely peppery taste sets off summer salads, pizzas and pastas to perfection! Learn more about growing rocket here.

  3. Garlic: if you've missed sowing garlic in autumn, the good news is that we have special varieties of spring planting garlic! Get them in the soil as quick as you can! You can learn more about growing garlic here.

  4. Leek: get your leeks started now to enjoy homegrown leek and potato soup later this year!

  5. Lettuce: hardy lettuce can be sown now and its growth will speed up rapidly outside as spring arrives.

Which all sound pretty good whipped up into a meal in a few months time!

While you're waiting for them to grow, keep sowing winter microgreen seeds like cabbage, radish and onion varieties.

Plenty to grow, we can't wait to see your harvests!

A Word of Warning - Starting Seeds too Early!

Don't be tempted to start seeds too early, as this will lead to them becoming 'leggy' (tall and thin) as they stretch to reach the light. Plants sown at the right time will catch up and even outgrow seeds sown too early at the wrong time. See the picture below - these seedlings are leggy and a little weak, stretching towards the light. So if you are starting early, make sure your little seedlings will have plenty of access to light and heat!

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