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What to sow in February - and a word of caution!

In Ireland, it's tempting to go wild sowing lots of seeds at the first sign of a stretch in the evening and a warm day. Beware! We're still very likely to have frosts and cold weather in February up to as late as May some years. So if you're sowing seeds, sow cold hardy plants or sow under cover. Plan ahead to make sure you'll still have space under cover or indoors for fast growing plants for the few months until warm weather is here to stay.

Here are some plants that you can sow in February:

  • Broad Beans: These hardy legumes can be sown directly into the ground in February. They will produce delicious beans in early summer.

  • Onions: Sow onion seeds in trays or modules indoors in February. Once they have germinated and grown, you can transplant them outdoors when the weather warms up.

  • Peas: Peas are another great crop to sow in February. Plant them directly into the soil or in containers, and you'll be enjoying fresh peas in no time.

  • Spinach: Sow spinach seeds in February for a crop that will provide you with nutritious greens throughout the spring and early summer.

  • Lettuce: Start sowing lettuce seeds indoors in February for a head start on your salad garden. Transplant the seedlings outdoors once they are established.

  • Tomatoes: While it may be too early to plant tomatoes directly outdoors in February, it's a perfect time to start tomato seeds indoors. By starting your tomato seeds indoors now, you can give them a head start and ensure strong, healthy plants for when it's time to transplant them outside. They grow really big, really quickly so be sure that you will have space indoors for them as they grow! Choose your favorite tomato varieties and sow the seeds in trays or pots filled with seed-starting mix. Keep them in a warm, sunny spot and remember to keep the soil moist. Once the seedlings have grown a few inches tall and all risk of frost has gone (typically early April to June), you can transplant them into your garden or larger containers. With proper care and attention, you'll soon be enjoying juicy, homegrown tomatoes straight from your garden.

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Happy growing!

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