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When do we ship pre-ordered plants?

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Hello Little Green Growers family, we love hearing any questions you have and we always try our best to get back to you with the desired information as soon as possible. One question in particular we get asked what a lot! So we thought we would make a blog post to explain and so you can always come back to this post if you're wondering about shipment of plant pre-orders.

Despite the old tradition here in Ireland when it comes to St. Bridget's case you have no idea what we are talking about. She was the female patron saint of Ireland. Her feast day, February 1, was traditionally the first day of spring and of the new year in rural Ireland because it marked the start of the agricultural season.

But in reality we hate to break it to you guys but the meteorological (weather/climate) spring in Ireland is actually March, April and May!

Now what you've all been waiting for Drum roll please!

When do my pre-ordered plants ship?

We start shipping from late March as this is in time for the growing season, when the risk of frost will have started to subside. It's also in line with the seasonality of the plants so they'll be strong and healthy. Baby plants in February and March need a lot of care in Ireland as even if the sun shines, temperatures dip dramatically at night, and frost can suddenly be forecast too! To be fair to everyone, earliest orders ship first.

Now that you know when we ship I'm sure you're curious what subscriptions and packages we have in store for you and when:

  • Gift of Spring

  • Happy Growing subscription

  • Brighter Days Ahead

  • Easy Peasy Veg Patch

  • Tomato Lovers Dream

all ship from late March/early April. It's not to late to order, so get your preorder in quick before we sell out!

If you're hoping to plant some flowers this year...Hope Blossoms flowers are our summer varieties of edible flowers which we start shipping from May to June depending on the weather of course. You know how unpredictable Ireland's weather is!

How will I know if my pre-order is on the way?​

Once you have ordered your subscription, package. plants etc., you'll receive a dispatch email when your order is on the way!

What plants will I receive? Please note that as we grow organically without the use of harmful chemicals, and in line with the seasons, you may receive plants other than those on the list.

But that's just part of the fun and you never know you might get to try something you've never had before and you grew it yourself!

Can I add to my pre-order? Yes of course! Just order what you like and add a note to your order so we know to combine it with the pre-order plant pack. For items like seed potatoes, it's better that they are sent as early as possible so just go ahead and order and we'll get them out to you.

Can I still place a pre-order now?

Yes! We take pre-orders for spring plants right up until April and also have summer pre-orders too! Check out our plant range here.

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