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The Easy Way To Grow Your Own Food

Certified Organic Irish Plants

 Grow sustainable healthy food at home in no time!

We provide you with certified organic  baby plants, delivered to your door.

You plant them in your garden or in pots

Care for your plants, with our expert guidance & support

Harvest & enjoy your affordable, healthy & delicious, homegrown healthy food!

Shipping from only €5.99! healthy homegrown produce!

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We will plant bee friendly flowers for every purchase made!

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Plug Plants

'Plug plant' is just a way of saying 'baby plant'! We do the hard work of sowing, germinating and tending fraglie seedlings, then send to you to grow on and harvest!

Certified Organic

Certified organic is the only way to ensure the plants you buy, and later eat, are free from  pesticides and are grown in harmony with nature. 


Growing your own food brings so many advantages - low carbon footprint, amazing taste, wellbeing boost, fun for children and complete control over what you eat!

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Organic Vegetable


Organic Salad & Herb  Plants

Organic Edible Flower  Plants

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