Certified organic compost made by our partners in the West of Ireland!


It is the only certified organic compost that is manufactured in Ireland.


An independent scientific plant trial indicated that this compost produced better and stronger plants that had higher fruit yields than the most widely available imported certified organic compost.


It also out preformed a leading conventional multipurpose compost. These findings are reflected by the testimonies of those who have used it.


The compost is produced on our commercial worm farm and it is created when the worms digest their bedding material converting it into rich organic compost also known as “Worm Cast”.


This product is two forty litre bags  - 80 litres in total.

Irish Certified Organic Compost - 80 Litres - FREE SHIPPING

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  • Scott - Without doubt an amazing compost! Every seedling and plant I have grown in it absolutely loves it! I have posted YouTube videos and instagram photos of my success using the living green. The plants speak for themselves! Superb growth, healthy plants and a wee bonus is some of the worm caccoons hatch and you get free worms! The compost flows like sand, retains water well but drains great! I really can’t stress enough how good this stuff is! Thank you.


    Jim - I love this compost and it's perfect for growing wheatgrass which I juice and microgreens which I eat. A great Irish organic product! 5 STARS


    Mary - I have small garden for home use (not organic ) but used Living Green compost on it and was very happy with it. Will be getting more this year.


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