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Growing Your Own Food During Autumn & Winter in Ireland

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

This is a question we get a lot - what can I grow as the summer season ends?

Many people in Ireland think that it isn't possible to grow much past July - however with our temperate climate there is actually so much food you can still grow!


There are two methods for food growing in winter depending on the type of plant:

1) You sow in summer for a late autumn harvest before the cold winter weather sets in

2) You sow in summer so the plants are established before winter hits. The cold of winter means they will not grow much over winter, but then burst into rapid growth as soon as the warmer spring air arrives, meaning harvesting up to a month earlier than usual.


Some of our favourite autumn/winter crops are:

Purple Sprouting Broccoli (W) - Needs to be sown by end of June.

Daikon Radish (A) Rambo Radish (A)

Certain varieties of Cabbage (W)

Certain varieties of Broad Bean (W)

Turnip (A) Parsnip (W)

Radicchio (A)

Spring Onion (A, W)

Minutina (A, W) Swiss Chard (A, W) Mustard Greens (A,W) Moutarde Metis Rouge (A, W) Lettuce (W)

Kale (A, W)


Coriander (A)

Parsley (A, W)

Dill (A, W)

Some of the above are harvested in autumn before hard winter weather sets in (those marked 'A'' above). Others can be left to over winter for early harvest in Spring (those marked 'W' above).


Growing some of these plants for colder weather however requires sowing them in mid-summer e.g. purple sprouting broccoli. Others you can sow up to October (e.g. autumn planting onion varieties).

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Oh no, I'm too late/busy!

Don't worry if you've missed the sowing window or if you'd prefer to enjoy your summer garden or go on staycation instead of sowing! We've got you covered with our Autumn/Winter Seasonal Grow Your Own Food Pack of certified organic plug plants! Or pick and choose what you'd like to grow - from across our entire Autumn/Winter collection!

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