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3 Jobs for July in the Vegetable Garden!

1) Keep on top of the weeds

Your garden is entering the final burst of summer plant growth over the next month or two. For bigger more productive harvests, keep on top of the weeds by hand hoeing and mulching. You can find more organic weed control tips here.

2) Feed hungry veg plants

If you aren't already doing this, start feeding hungry veg plants. These include tomatoes, cucumbers, squashes, strawberries...anything giving you big and juicy veg! Feed every fortnight or so - you can make your own plant food or choose an organic plant food.

3) Start planning your autumn-winter garden now!

This might seem like a strange one to think about, when you're basking in summer sun. But as you've probably realised by now, planing is 80% of what makes for a productive vegetable garden! The main sowing window for autumn and winter vegetables is July, with a some extension into June and August. f you wait until September or October to think about autumn or winter plants you'll have missed your chance for most vegetable plants as they need time to grow and establish before the truly cold weather hits.

Or take the hard work out of it with our Autumn-Winter range of baby plants. You enjoy the summer sun while we grow your seedlings for you ;)

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