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Top 5 Seeds to Sow in March!

March is here! Three months in already, can you believe it? I'm sure you're wondering what can you grow now it's starting to get slightly warmer...keep reading! You can sow lots of different seeds in March, but if we had to pick only 5, these are what we would choose!

  • These can be sown directly in your soil. So easy to grow!

  • We have a full growing guide here!

  • They grow really quickly and don't need much care, which is why they made it onto our favourites list!

  • They also are a great companion to potatoes, so perfect for Irish gardens!

  • Don't forget to pinch out the top growing shoot when the plant starts to set pods.

  • Beetroots are cousins of Swiss chard, spinach, and quinoa!

  • The Romans considered beetroot an aphrodisiac, possibly because they are a good source of tryptophane, betaine and boron which affect hormones!

  • You can eat the greens as salad leaves, making the most out of your growing space!

  • You can grow thickly spaced to give baby beets or space out for full size!

  • Our full growing guide is here!

  • Sow direct or in modules, 1cm deep. You can put multiple seeds per module and thin later

  • If you have too many plants too close, thin to 2.5cm apart. Thinning's can be used as salad!

  • transplant modules 15cm apart in 15cm rows when the plants are 10cm tall.

  • Succession sow for a continuous supply!

  • Spinach can be more challenging to grow but it's totally worth it!

  • Key to remember is that it's a cool weather crop, so there are only certain times of year it makes sense to sow to avoid summer heat - luckily March is one of those times!

  • We love spinach for its high nutrition levels including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, iron, folate, and potassium

  • It's cut-and-come-again so you can keep eating!

  • Traditionally in Ireland, first earlies are planted out on or after St. Patrick's Day

  • You can chit them before then to get a head start - check out our other blog posts for more potato growing tips!

  • First earlies are the same as 'new' potatoes you buy in shops

  • They don't store well, but are delicious harvested straight from your garden for dinner!

P.S. If you missed February sowing, catch up now or order plants for an easy fix!

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